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Nov 12

Harijadi Arissa Ala-Ala Sherlock Holmes

Oh My! Time flies like a bullet train. Diam tak diam dah masuk mid November and I have not been updating this blog for like, err, since bulan Ramadhan yang lalu. Aduhai, lamanya.

Apapun, I would like to share with you another idea of a birthday party theme yang mudah dan murah pada kali ini.

Yes, our youngest daughter Arissa turned 16 a couple of days ago and we decided to have just a small makan-makan at home. Like last year, when we surprised her with a Japanese-inspired birthday do, we decided to hold yet another thematic dinner do to celebrate her birthday. (The truth is that Tuan Suami and I memang suka pun buat benda2 macam ni.. :0).

But we could not very well go for another Japanese theme , right? Luckily the Tuan Suami remembers that Arissa is so into Sherlock Holmes the TV series nowadays and we made the decision to have that. So we planned that and hasilnya ialah … not bad.